by Cortney Carroll on February 26, 2020

My name is Cortney Carroll and I am the Founder of StyleAlum.

If you are just dropping for a look see then here is what I would want you to know:

Family & friends are everything. Believe in second chances. I am a serial entrepreneur in a serial procrastinator body. Live by the list. Wanderlust Aficionado. Aggie.

Want to learn the juicy details, read on.  Heading on your way?  Have so much fun!




So you may ask yourself...why Spirit Wear?

Because Spirit Wear is kick-ass. Not the answer you were looking for?  You’re right, Spirit Wear is more than that.  Spirit Wear is family, tradition, friends, love, and a sense of belonging to something forever that nobody can take away.

I admire all the schools on my website but ultimately the inspiration for StyleAlum came from being an Aggie.  I went to Texas A&M University in College Station (yes, the same town that Julia Roberts makes fun of in My Best Friend's Wedding). Over the years I have enjoyed football season tickets, staying in touch with college friends, making post-college Aggie friends,  attending Former Student events, Aggie Muster, Coaches Night, fundraisers, game watch parties, bowl games and everything in between. 

It hurts a bit when I think about all the money I have spent on Aggie Gifts, Aggie Shirts, Aggie Hats, Aggie Pens, Aggie Mousepads, Aggie Car Decals, Aggie EVERYTHING.  I'm confident that most of these items were, for a lack of a better word, junk.  They certainly weren’t stylish and were likely overpriced.

When I joined the board of my local Aggie Club I was so off my Aggie Spirit Wear game that I wore black to the first meeting.   EVERYONE else at the table had on an Aggie top of some sort.  Clearly, I would be buying new Spirit Wear.

The hunt for stylish Aggie Spirit Wear was on.  Turns out the hunt was bleak, bland and boring.  I persevered because I wanted more than a freaking logo T-Shirt from the campus bookstore.  Or worse I needed more than a strapless, chevron patterned dress made for a college girl or perhaps a tiny, forest fairy.

In the end, I made the most out of a maroon top from Old Navy.  With my eyes now open to the bleak Spirit Wear landscape I saw I wasn't alone.   My Aggie friends were also wearing the quintessential Aggie logo t-shirt or solid maroon top.  I wondered,  “What if I could find cute and stylish Spirit Wear?”  

The answer is, yes, if you look high, low and behind a few rocks.   I found stylish and incredible Spirit Wear not just for Aggies but for multiple schools. But I'm just getting started and I am going to find MORE fabulous products, for MORE schools.  My goal is to have a wide assortment of trending jewelry and accessories in all the teams colors PLUS licensed products that are show-stopping statement pieces.  Whether this means buying items from manufacturers, designing my own products, commissioning artists to make one-of-a-kind products or all of the above.  StyleAlum will be synonymous with the best in Spirit Wear for style-conscious alumni, students and fans everywhere! 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn why Spirit Wear means so much to me!  So if I’ve now got you very intrigued, here are a few extra random facts about me that you might find interesting:


  • I was the co-founder of a brand that designs and manufactures residential air purifiers.  One of which won a CES Award for innovation.
  • I picked up golf again after 30 years and I am loving it.
  • There is nothing I enjoy more than planning a vacation or a party.  For me, the planning is possibly more fun than the actual event.
  • Someday I am going to pick 12 international cities and spend a month living in each one over the course of a year.  And I can’t wait.


Stay Spirited!