Meet The Spirited: Treasure Jewels

by Cortney Carroll on February 16, 2021

Every single time I go to market my favorite shop to visit is Treasure Jewels! While they are not technically a brand that is 100% focused on spirit wear, that is exactly what I love about their products.  Their collections of earrings and accessories are fabulously unique and I can always find the team colors I need to add to my collection.  Plus, it is such a blast to see their entire collection of styles and designs.  Even if they don't fit the Spirit Wear niche... a girl can dream! They always make me want to go on vacation or dress up for a fun event!

Treasure Jewels was founded by Tatiana, a mom of three and super-star Creative Director.  Her brand is a Colombian and United States based company that specializes in one-of-a-kind jewelry.  All the pieces are handcrafted by Colombian women artisans, many of whom are single mothers seeking to support their families. By employing these talented artisans, Treasure Jewels is helping to preserve a variety of traditional artforms passed down through several generations, while also creating an economic impact for this community of artisans.


Gold Wave Earrings


Their designs are influenced by the rich, colorful culture of Colombia and South America.  They are continually inspired by the Wayuu weavers known for their intricate patterns and designs. In addition, they use traditional seed beading techniques from the indigenous Embera tribe. Their metal smith jewelers work with alambrismo techniques, 24-kt. gold triple plated metals, and natural stones.


Double Fan Gold Earrings


 Rectangle Bead Earrings


All these influences combined help Treasure Jewels deliver show-stopping collections each season.  They literally are the most inspiring and unique designs we see each time we head to market.  Take a look at StyleAlum’s curated collection of Treasure Jewels designs here or head over to the Treasure Jewels website  to see their entire collection of incredible designs.  I also highly recommend following them on Instagram.