Meet The Spirited: PURSEption

by Cortney Carroll on January 10, 2021

I am that girl that never remembers she needs a clear bag to get into a stadium. For years, I ended up quickly buying a “cheap” one somewhere right before the event.   The best part is that the cheap ones are not really “cheap” BUT they certainly are made that way.   There is nothing stylish about them, they are usually too short to be a crossbody or are boring designs made of stiff plastic.  Plus, they are so flimsy that your belongings barely fit or they keep flipping over if you overfill them.   One thing I knew for sure, I had to find stylish, quality clear bags for StyleAlum.

I remember the moment I met Brittany at the Magic Fashion Buying Show in Las Vegas.  Their bags were perfect.  Lux details, soft PVC, real leather and beautiful designer styles.  I could not wait to share their bags with our customers.

Purseption is owned by Brittany and Laura Beth.  They are life-long friends since Kindergarten.  Brittany is an Auburn grad and Laura Beth an Alabama Grad, so they know how to put together the perfect game day style!

But they had the same problem I did, neither woman could find a bag cute enough to wear while following the clear bag policy.  They knew they could not be the only stylish SEC women with this problem, so they started designing!

Their bags give the "PURSEption" every stylish girl wants to emulate not just on gameday but every day!  Each design was created with love and inspiration from people around them while keeping functionality and regulations in mind.


Purseption is a creative and innovative brand owned by women with incredible vision and style.  We know you will love their bags as much as we do!  Check out all their amazing styles here.